Accounting Services

Whatever your business structure, we can show you how to manage your business better.


You need to have accounting reports in a format that allows you to gain the maximum information and knowledge about your chosen business. You need accurate accounting information in a timely way that allows you to compete with your competitors and win business.

You can actually outperform larger businesses by just being quicker on your feet. !!! …But that means you need awesome financial information at your fingertips.!!!!!!!

Whether you operate your business as a sole trader, partnership, trust or a company, proper accurate accounts are essential. You also need our input with a whole range of tailored financial ratios that will give you a moving profile of your business liquidity, efficiency and profitability. When we then apply benchmarking to your business this will demonstrates realistically how your business is performing against the average business of a similar size you will then have a greater appreciation of the strategies that need to be used to move your business to the next level

Accounting for Small Business

Do you operate a small business? You need to have a chat to us. !!!!

Small business is difficult because you need to have operating capital and a steady cash flow …..IN THEORY !!!

FACT ….You do need both the cash flow and working capital to survive !!!!

FACT….You need knowledge of your chosen field of business to survive !!!!

FACT….80% of small businesses fail within 3 years, almost half within the first 12 months !!!!

FACT….You need a proactive Accounting firm to carefully guide you through the dangerous business maze to business success….more cash flow, more profit and sufficient working capital to survive.

Talk to us now on and tell us what you need and what you are trying to achieve and we can help you.  We have a range of tools and methods that we can discuss with you that will help you to achieve your goals.

Accounting for Medium sized Business

We can provide complete Accounting services to your business, no matter what the size.

If you have your own accounts department we can still provide an external accounting service and liaise with your accounts staff. We can show you how your internal information systems should be, together with internal control systems to avoid any unforeseen problems occurring in your business.

The more efficient your information and internal control systems are the more efficient your business will be.  We can undertake an analysis of your systems and advise on a range of improvements that can be made.  This will translate into more profits through more efficient use of staff time.

Accounting for Large Businesses

As a boutique CPA firm of Accountants and advisers we can provide a role to your business as your external Accountants.

You may have an internal accounts department. We can liaise with your accounts department and oversea the preparation of final accounts and then the relevant tax returns.

You may have a stocktake to be completed at financial year end. We can advise and supervise the stocktake and ensure that systems are in place to ensure the accuracy of the stocktake.  This is essential where you have production continuing throughout the stocktake process that can last for some time.

We can provide tax planning advice throughout the year and a whole range of other services such as internal control and information systems advice as well as benchmarking to add value to your business.

Benchmarking – Accounting/Tax

How does your business profitability compare to other businesses that you are competing against ?

This is called benchmarking.

It is vital for you to know how you rank against businesses of a similar size in your industry.  Wouldn’t it be a shame if you are making 10% net profit when everyone else in your category are making 25% ?????.

If you are going to work in your business, let us show you how to be more profitable with real strategies that actually work. 

Accounting for Property Investments and Developments

Are you an existing property investor or a developer…..well you need to discuss your situation with us.!!!!!

There are a myriad of tax laws that the ATO applies to all types of property based transactions, whether it is repairing or renovating a property to continue renting out or to preparing for a sale.

Got that sinking feeling with all that paperwork ?????

It is essential for you to have specialised records to allow you to deal with the tax laws as well as the ATO if they should have any enquiries down the track. If you do not account for everything properly and effectively, it can only cause you problems in calculating the correct financial and taxation outcome .

It is essential to plan ahead and know exactly what your financial position is and what you intend to do with the property.  It will not work very well if you are unsure what you are trying to achieve and worst of all the ATO will be after you for a large donation to the public coffers.!!!!!!!

Once you sit down with us we can help you “map out” your pathway and help you avoid the tax problems that you will face.  We have  a range of unique tools that will help you navigate through the property investment and development maze.

Accounting for Investments – Shares, Options, futures CFD’s etc

You need to keep records of investments and associated expenses so that you can maximize your investment outcome. You are not really a paperwork person are you ?

Let us show you how to do this simply and efficiently …or we have a service where we can organize it all for you with no fuss.

The ATO has a myriad of rules that require you to keep accurate records of investments.  It is essential to have the information so that each investments can be accounted for correctly as income tax and  capital gains have to be accounted for.

If you are actually trading (another area where the ATO requires you to decide whether you are an investor or a trader), there are a lot of transactions to process, but we have the tools for you to do that in a lot less time that you would think possible.